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Your source for the facts about any rumors that you may have heard around town. We are also happy to address any other hot topics.  Submit your question or a rumor you want the facts about below (anonymously of course).
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Please submit any questions, concerns and/or rumors you have heard. The appropriate town official, appointee or employee will provide the facts on the website. *The Town reserves the right to not post questions deemed inappropriate. *This form is meant to be anonymous. It has come to our attention that submissions could be tracked to an IP address. It is not a concern of the Town to know who submits a question, just that is has been submitted and answered. If you don't feel comfortable with the online form please mail your question(s) to the Town of Cedar Fort, PO Box 389, Cedar Fort Utah 84013. Do not leave a return address.
Questions and Answers for February 20, 2022.

Question:  What is the status of the proposal to allow multiple contractors for Cedar Fort?

Answer: The Town of Cedar Fort currently allows multiple contractors to do work for Cedar Fort besides on the water system. We are in the process of getting more contractors for the water system. 
Questions and Answers Below for February 13, 2022

Question:  Whose on the committee to rewrite the business license ordinance?  What is wrong with the current one?

The people on the committee  are,
Andrea Ashley
Brad Visser
Kelly Berry
Cody Cook
Darin Allen
Heidi Mitchell
Brad Norris
Jed Berry
As the Mayor I have gotten a lot of requests to look at multiple ordinances. This is one that was requested. Also as a new administration we need to look at all of the ordinances and make sure they are what the residents want and that the ordinances are what the Town Council wants to enforce. The ordnance might not need to be changed and that is why we put together a committee to look at it and make recommendations. 

Question and Answers Below for February 5, 2022:

Question:  How come we can't access the ordinances?  What is the ordinance concerning a burn barrell?  Tired of getting smoked out from neighbor burning garbage continually.  Have trid talking to him so then he burns at night.  Okay with spring cleanup but this is ridiculous.

Answer:  Everyone can access the ordinances they are on the town website under town documents. We do not have an ordinance on burn barrels. We do issue burn permits but it is for landowners with 2 acres or more. If you would like to contact me directly so we can discuss it more and maybe come up with ordinance ideas or something my email is

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