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  • Job Openings:

    Letter of intent must be received by April 10th @ 5:00- mail to Po Box 389 Cedar Fort Utah, 84013 or email to questions contact the Mayor at 801-768-214


    Town Council Member Position Available

    The Town of Cedar Fort is hereby accepting applicants for the position of Town Council Member

    This is for the remainder of the current term with will end January 2026   

    See Job Description Attached 

    Interested person must submit a letter containing a statement of your desire to be considered for the position together with any relevant skills and experience. 


    Mail or Email Letter to:

    Wyatt Cook

    Town of Cedar Fort

    PO Box 389

    Cedar Fort Utah 84013 


    Letters must be RECEIVED by the Town on or before April 10, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.  

    The Town Council intends to act on applications at their April Town Council Meeting to be held on April 11, 2024 

    at the Cedar Fort Town Hall 

    50 East Center 

    Cedar Fort Utah 

    For Questions, call Mayor or Town Clerk at 801-768-2147 


    *Job applicants residing in the Town of Cedar Fort will be given preference *The Town of Cedar Fort is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Job Description 

    Title: Town Councilmember


    Role of the individual councilmember. Councilmembers' statutory duties are to be performed, almost without exception, by the council. For example, the council, not individual members, must supervise administrative officers, formulate policies, and exercise city powers. 


    • The most important single responsibility of a council member is participation at council meetings. In statutory cities, each council member, including the mayor, has full authority to make, and second motions, participate in discussions, and vote on every matter before the council.
    • Establishing policies and programs for the effective delivery of Town services; Approving the annual financial plan and budget and setting the property tax rate and all user fees; and providing all ordinances, rules, and regulations for the welfare of the Town.
    • Duties can be performed from home, and some may require your presence at the Town Hall. 

    Pay: Volunteer Position