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Est. 1652


Thank you for considering the Town of Cedar Fort Cemetery for your plot purchase and burial needs. The Town of Cedar Fort is very proud of our Historic Cemetery grounds. We desire to make it a place that is beautiful, dignified, and an appropriate final resting place for departed loved ones. It would be greatly appreciated for the following to be observed and respectfully complied with: 


Rules and Regulations:
1.Visitation Hours: Access to the cemetery is restricted to daylight hours.

2. Conduct: Cemetery grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment and repose of the dead. Strict observance of decorum due to such a place is expected of all persons.

3. Traffic Rules, Driving and Parking: Motorized vehicles or other equipment within the municipal cemetery shall not exceed a speed greater than 10 miles per hour. Vehicles must only drive on designated travel lanes within the Cemetery.

4. Motorcycles, Bicycles, All Terrain Vehicles, and Utility Terrain Vehicles (ATVs/UTVs): Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs/UTVs) are not permitted in the cemetery except for those used for maintenance or professional suppliers or those that are part of a funeral procession. Bicycles are permitted but are subject to the same policies and procedures as motorized vehicles. Cutting corners and driving on the lawns are prohibited.

5. Animals: Horses, dogs, or other types of pets or livestock are not permitted on the cemetery grounds unless part of a procession or fire mitigation.

6. Children: Children under the age of 12 years shall not be allowed in the cemetery unless accompanied by their parents or other adults, except for the purposes of attending authorized funerals or, in the company of adults, placing flowers on the grave of a deceased relative or friend, or performing any other customary evidence of respect in accordance with their religious principles.


Plot Purchase Info:

1. Burial plot or Gravesite Certificates do NOT convey title to the land, only the right for burial of the named individual in said plot or gravesite; title remains with the Town. (CFO-150-CR-2023)

2. A maximum of ONE gravesite plot may be purchased per Resident or Non-resident. Additional plots may be purchased at the non-resident rate. (See resident definitions CFO-150-CR-2023)

3. For Plot Rates and Transfer Fees please see Cedar Fort Town Cemetery Rates and Fees.


Maintenance of Plots:

1. Cemetery maintenance: Care and upkeep of the burial plot or gravesite is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Town ordinance prohibits unauthorized planting of any trees, shrubs, or flowers within the cemetery. The town does supply water for plots with grass. Please see the town watering schedule for more information.

2. Headstones: Approval from the Sexton is required before placing any headstone. All care and upkeep of the headstones is the responsibility of the owner. The town will not be responsible for scratches and chips that occur from routine maintenance.

3. Flowers and Decorations: Flowers and Decorations are allowed. Artificial and fresh-cut floral pieces and other decorations will be removed without notice by the Cemetery Committee or Sexton when they become unsightly. Flowers properly displayed add to the beauty and character of the cemetery. Cedar Fort Town and the cemetery staff will not be responsible for flowers or other personal property left in the cemetery. Be aware that on occasion uncaring individuals have removed expensive flower arrangements without patron or staff consent.

  • Questions or concerns?
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