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Burn Permits

Permits are issued between March 30 and May 30 and between September 15 and November 15. These dates are weather permitting. If we have a dry winter and the season heats up quickly we may limit the time frame for burn permits. If you have two acres or more you qualify for a year round Agricultural Burn Permit.

Fee Schedule:
$7.00 - 3 Day Permit.
$20.00 - Agricultural Burn Permit.

Step 1.  Sign up for burn permit.

Step 2.  Check burn conditions for the day.

Step 3.  Payment.
Cash or check (payable to Town of Cedar Fort)

Step 4.  Burning.
Notify Utah County Dispatch at 801-794-3970

Information Required:
1) Name.
2) Phone Number.
3) Burn Permit Number.
4) Address of Burn Location.
5) Time Frame of Burning.