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                                                                2021 Archived Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers Below for September 8, 2021

Question: Note: This question has been edited.  Who is tearing up the side of the mountain on the northwest side of town?  Isn't that in the sensitive overlay area? I hope they are prepared to pay for any and all flood damage that may occur to all the homes below them.

I believe you are referring to parcel 59:038:0153.  
The parcel in question is in the sensitive overlay and the Town has not approved any development of the parcel.  The owner has been sent a violation notice for the development in the sensitive overlay without the required approvals.  
Since the Town has not approved any development in this area of the sensitive overlay, anyone harmed by his activities should seek remedies through the landowner directly.  
Questions and Answers Below for August 24, 2021

Question:  Note: This question has been edited for clarity and civility.  I have heard that the mayor has sold his house, that would make him no longer a resident.  Has he resigned?  If not, then how is it possible that a non-resident is on the Town Council?

To hold political office, you generally must reside within the political boundaries.  Residing is not the same thing as owning property.  Regardless of the status of any property the Mayor may own, the Mayor continues to reside in Cedar Fort as his primary residence as he has for over six years now.
Questions and Answers Below for June 14, 2021.  Posted June 15, 2021.

1) I heard the town is finally going to allow us to build accesory dwelling units is this true? If not it should be.
The Planning Commission has recently considered allowing basement apartments.  These accessory dwelling units will be required to be within the existing structure — not a stand-alone structure and the property needs to be owner occupied.
Questions and Answers Below for June 3, 2021.  Posted June 3, 2021.

1)  What is going on with the land on Pole Line Road?  Should current land owners be concerned about losing portions of their property?
Currently the road that has been historically referred to as Pole Line Road is going to be paved.  The paving will occur over the existing public right-of-way.  

Questions and Answers Below for April, 12 & 17 2021.  Posted April 20, 2021.

1)  Does the Town Council have concerns that certain people are trying to take advantage of creating ordinances to the point that Cedar Fort will seem like an HOA?
The Town Council carefully evaluates each request for new ordinances to ensure that the Town does not pass new laws that are overly restrictive or difficult to police and enforce. Almost all of our ordinances have been in place for a decade or longer with very little changes.  

2)  What is the minimum road width required for a non arterial road?
Town right-of-ways for residential areas must be at least 56 feet in width with the paved portion near the center and minimum of 24’ of pavement (as set forth in CFO-200-PZ-2021).  Wider specification may be required for non-residential areas.

Questions and Answers Below for April 5, 2021.  Posted April 6, 2021

1.  Does the Town have an ordinance that stops dirt bikes from riding up and down the streets and on private property all hours of the day and night?

Currently we do not.   The Town Council is considering adopting such an ordinance.  If you support this legislation, you should contact the elected representatives on the Town Council to share your thoughts.

Questions and Answers Below for March 11 & 13, 2021, Posted March 17, 2021:

1. Does the town have information where everyone's septic tanks are located on their property?
No, the town does not maintain records on septic systems.  Septic systems are overseen and permitted through the Utah County Health Department under the authority of the State. 

2.  Are dogs included in the new noise ordinance I often listen to dogs barking late into the night we'll past 10:00 p.m?
There is already an Animal Nuisance ordinances that prohibits dogs from incessant barking through the night.  See CFO-562-AN-2018.

Questions and Answers Below for February 12, 2021, Posted February 23, 2021:

Question: I have heard that the town council is looking into hiring someone for the position of policing the residents for our own for code violations. Is this true? I have read the answer to the question related to whether we have a code violation position at the present time, and understand we don't. I want to know if the council was looking for the position in the past, or if it is still looking for someone that will fill this type of a position in the future?

Currently enforcement of the Town Ordinances is carried out by the Mayor and the Utah County Sherriff’s office. The town is seeking a contractor to assist the Town Council member that oversees building permits with the processing of building permits and assist the Mayor with code enforcement letters.

Questions and Answers Below For January 22, 2021. Posted February 1, 2021.

  1.        I have heard that if people are delinquent on their water and/or garbage bills the town puts lien on their home without notice. Is this true? Will there be changes to the ordinance to require notice prior to placing the lien?

Utah State Law allows services fees from local governments and districts to be added to the property taxes under the “fees” category.  The amounts must be certified and submitted to the county timely each year.  This is standard practice for many government entities.  The fees are added until paid either directly to the town in the amount shown in your monthly water/garbage invoice/statement or through the Utah County Treasurer’s office with your property taxes.  You will know the amount that may be added to your property tax statement by looking at your bill from the Town each month.  Typically the amount isn’t added to the property tax statements unless you are seriously delinquent (typically owing more than $300 or 3 months late and haven’t contacted us to work out a payment plan).  If the amount added to your tax statement is more than what is shown on your bill, please promptly contact the town (


  1.        Does the Town pay a contractor to plow the snow?  Because my street hasn't been plowed this season.


The Town has a contract with a local company to plow the roads. The contract states that 3 inches must be on the ground in order for the contractor to plow. The contractor is fastidious about measuring the snow before plowing.  If there are 3 or more inches of snow and your road has been missed, please reach out to the mayor (801-768-2147).


3.       A town "master plan" was mentioned multiple times when discussing rezoning land to commercial. What is the master plan for the Cedar Fort? Where can we find it? What is it based off of? Is it a 5 year master plan?


The Town has a General Plan as required by Utah State Code §10-9a-401 ( As per the Utah State Code the purpose of the general plan is to provide a comprehensive, long-range general plan for present and future needs of the municipality and the growth and development of all or any part of the land within the municipality.


The Cedar Fort General Plan is updated by the Planning Commission and presented to the Town Council for their vote roughly every five years, the last update was completed in August 2020. The public is welcome to participated in the meetings and public hearings regarding the General Plan.


The Cedar Fort General Plan can be found at


  1.        Can we change the Town’s legal council? Does the Mayor influence the Town’s legal council?

The town's employees, contractors, and professionals are chosen by the Mayor as chief executive of the town and he/she is responsible for the administrative task of the town.

Answer amended 02/02/2021:
The Town has legal counsel to advise and counsel the Mayor and Town Council on relevant matters so they don't make mistakes that will cause problems or cost the town significant sums.  Additionally, the town has hired a judge so that citizens that want to challenge any enforcement matter have a third party to review the ordinances and the citizen conduct to ensure the conduct actually violates the law.


5.       Is it true that we have town people driving around looking into other neighbor’s yards to see what they can be fined for?

The Town does not specifically ask residents to drive around looking for issues that “neighbors” could be fined for; however, residents will occasionally bring what they believe to be a violation of an ordinance to the attention of the Town. The Town will then check to see if there is indeed a violation of an ordinance and if so, work to resolve the violation with the landowner.


  1.        I hear that the mayor is more concerned about traffic coming from a business that would like to be a part of our town.  On average 5 semi trucks a month will come up and down that road. Has he paid any attention  the business that is across the street ( Open loop energy) that is coming and going in and out all hours of the day and night. and  always driving in to the driveway of the resident across the street of that said business. Also there is a local farmer that drives his semi truck up and down that road on a daily basis?


Different activities are permitted in different zones in town. If you feel there is a violation of the zoning or there is conduct or activity that concerns you, feel free to bring this to the attention of your local government officials.


  1.        Is there a hemp farm coming to Cedar Fort?

The Town has been contacted by a landowner who would like to build a greenhouse in which to cultivate industrial hemp along with other crops. Industrial hemp is an agricultural use that requires a license from the Utah Department of Agriculture (UDAF). The landowner has the proper license from UDAF.


The Utah State code regarding industrial hemp can be found at


More information about the difference between industrial hemp and can be found here:

From the UDAF website: Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana come from the same genus plant. Similar to the difference between Sweet Corn and Field Corn.  They are both corn, but the purposes are different.  Both products look similar to each other and contain many of the same chemical compounds, however, the concentration of compounds in the two plant species can be vastly different. The legal difference is the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the plant contains.  If the cannabis plant contains more than 0.3% THC it is considered Marijuana.


  1.        What is the difference between Culinary Water and Irrigation Water? Is one recorded as ground and the other paper? How is the Town transferring Irrigation Water into Culinary Water for the new homes being built in Cedar Fort? Is this Irrigation from the North Spring, South Spring or both? How do you require a point of diversion from any of these into the Town Well? Is there a Code under Utah Law that allows this to take place (the transferring of irrigation to culinary) if so, what is the code and how does it allow Cedar Fort the transferring of water.

Our ordinances require that 1.45 ac.ft. of ground water rights be transferred to the town (in addition to other requirements) in order to receive a culinary water connection.  The Culinary Water Exchange Ordinances allows other sources of water to be evaluated and accepted with the approval of the Town Council only.